Melissa Mezzalira

Melissa Mezzalira

Founder of Cats Essentials

Melissa Mezzalira is the founder of CatsEssentials, which offers an innovative line of Italian-inspired modern cat furniture with a focus on all-natural materials and aesthetic excellence. A social entrepreneur whose love for cats - and for the environment at large - inspired her to cultivate a community of cat parents who create healthy lifestyles for our furry companions.

Melissa is a widely vocal cat advocate and the author of the book For the Love of Cats: A Modern Cat Lady’s Journey into Cat Parenthood and Entrepreneurship where she shares her fresh perspective on how to care for and respect our felines as independent sentient beings.

4:00 PM - 4:50 PM

How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healty

Let's debunk the low-maintenance pet stereotype that's been attached to cats once and for all! Yes, cats are independent beings, but they have needs. Once we bring them into our home, we, responsible cat parents, should ensure all of their needs are met. Let’s explore many ways we can provide for their happiness and health.