Anja Skodda

Anja Skodda


    Anja Skodda is a biotech scientist specializing in cartilage tissue engineering and a passionate dog lover. Her dog Tony was an avid skateboarder, but when he could no longer skate due to joint issues, Anja's heart broke. Drawing on her expertise in the field, she decided to develop a product that could help Tony and other dogs suffering from joint pain.

    Anja created Happy Again, a groundbreaking product that combines collagen with essential nutrients to support joint health in dogs. After just two weeks of taking Happy Again, Tony was back to playing and skating again, much to Anja's delight.

    With the success of Happy Again, Anja founded HappyBond, a company that provides a range of dog care services and products, including the Happy Again joint supplement. HappyBond's mission is to make dog care easier and more convenient for busy pet owners while providing personalized care and attention to each dog in their care.

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